Muskogee Police: One Suspect Killed after Home Invasion Shooting

A Muskogee resident allegedly shot and killed a suspect who robbed his neighbor's home Saturday night around 9:45 p.m. on the 100 block of Geneva.

According to a release from the Muskogee Police Department, the neighbor, Dana Lewis, 46, approached Kyle Ford's house asking for help after telling him that three males had entered her home and demanded property.

Ford, 30, then grabbed a semi-automatic pistol went out and observed those three men outside her home. Ford reportedly told them to leave. One men allegedly approached Ford aggressively, and Ford, fearing for his safety, allegedly shot the man in the chest.

The suspects fled but the man with the gunshot wound did not make it far. Police found the wounded individual and transported him to a hospital, where he passed away shortly before 5 a.m. Sunday morning. He has not yet been identified.

Muskogee police are still searching for the two other suspects who were able to escape. They are white males who were wearing dark clothing.

No arrests have been made. Upon an initial investigation, police believe Ford acted in self defense.

The incident is still under investigation.

Anyone with information on the other two suspects can contact Muskogee Police at 918-577-6906.