Muskogee Schools Begin Evacuation Drill

An evacuation drill is underway Monday afternoon at an elementary school in Muskogee.

Officials with Muskogee Public Schools announced the drill last week for students at Harris Jobe Elementary School. The district is located southeast of Tulsa.

"We need to practice a large-scale evacuation, not only for our students to be prepared for such an emergency, but so our emergency management personnel and city emergency management personnel can work as a unified team should we ever face such a scenario," said Assistant Superintendent Jim Wilson.

A spokesperson for MPS stated that students are being moved to the Muskogee Civic Center. Residents in the area may notice an increased police presence.

Officials added that MPS coordinates drills throughout the year. But in this situation students are moved from the school and taken elsewhere.

Members of the Muskogee Police Department, Muskogee Fire Department and Muskogee Emergency Management are assisting in the operation.