Muskogee Student Makes Threat On Facebook

A 15- year- old Muskogee student is in police custody after allegedly writing a violent post on his Facebook page.

"I'm mad and pissed off because people don't know how to act. It's just ridiculous. It's sad," Cindy Christwell said.

Christwell has a daughter who attends Alice Robertson Middle School in Muskogee. The same school mentioned in a threatening Facebook post late Tuesday night.

"I know the post made vague references to shooting up the school. We took that at it's word," said Cpl. Mike Mahan with the Muskogee Police Department.

Cpl. Mahan said at least 10 people reported seeing the post on a 15- year- old student's Facebook page. We are not releasing his name because he is a minor. The Muskogee Police Department wouldn't release many details on the post except that the student allegedly threatened to bring a gun to the school and harm his fellow classmates.

"We believe his intention was to do some form of harm. At this point we are looking at him and doing a mental evaluation on that individual. We are going to take anything like that very seriously," Cpl. Mahan said


g to Cpl. Mahan, it'sbecomingg more common to see students use social media websites to posts threats like this one.

"That's the way kids communicate with each other. That's the way they put stuff out there," Cpl. Mahan said.

The teen was taken in for a mental evaluation and was transferred to OSU Medical in Tulsa.

Some parents and students were alarmed by the post, but students still attended school on Wednesday as scheduled.

"It's just worrisome. Our students are testing and that's already kind of stressful. We are hoping that this hasn't been to big of a distraction for them and that testing still goes OK," said Wendy Burton who is the PublicRelationss Coordinator with Muskogee Public Schools.

On Wednesday students at Alice Robertson Middle got the opportunity to speak with teachers andcounselorss about this threat posted by their fellow classmate.