My August Forecast

As the Heat wave of 2012 continues its hard to imagine we still have August to go through! This is shaping up to be a repeat of last summer which was one of our hottest ever. Record temperatures, heat warnings, burn bans, water rationing, extreme drought and wildfires are all part of this summer. So the question remains, what will August be like?

How about some good news/bad news? The good news? Last August was cooler than last July. The bad news? Last year's hottest day was August 3rd when we hit 113 degrees.{}

This August, I'm forecasting the drought to continue. We would need 10 to 15 inches of rain to bust the drought, and I don't see that happening. It would take a tropical system to come out of the gulf and drench us, but even the tropics are quiet so I don't see that happening either. And any tropical storms that do form will be shoved to the west or east of us due to the high pressure that is stuck over us.{}

Believe it or not the dry conditions encourages the drought. By being so dry and without much cloud cover to block the sun, warm air forms over the area. This doesn't allow clouds that would bring rain to form. High pressure and dry air also allows warmer temperatures to further dry the soil and allows the drought to feed upon itself. Therefore, it's a cycle that's hard to break. So expect August to remain drier than normal.{}

August will also be hotter than normal with several more days above 100 degrees. Last year we hit 100 degrees or more 44 times. I'm sorry to say we're headed in that direction.

Stay safe, stay cool, and hang on until September!

Frank Mitchell

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