My Spring 2011 Forecast

THE RECENT WARM WEATHER MIGHT HAVE YOU THINKING ABOUT SPRING.SPRING OFFICIALLY BEGINS ON MARCH 20TH, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THEN TO KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT.IT'S BEEN A STORMY WINTER, BUT DOES THAT MEAN IT WILL BE A STORMY SPRING? AND HOW MANY TORNADOES WILL WE GET?HERE'S MY FORECAST FOR SPRING 2011.{}{}{}{} If this winter is any indication, we could be in for a bumpy spring. April, May and June are the stormiest months in Green Country, and they'll live up to their expectations. {}{}{}{} This will be what's called a La Nina spring. Which is the cooling of the Pacific Ocean usually resulting in dry and warm weather for us. So out of the 15 inches of rain that we normally get, I'm forecasting only 10 inches. {}{}{}{}{} Our normal high in spring is near 80 degrees, this year I think we'll be 4 degrees warmer than that giving us an average high of 84 degrees. Partly because the jet stream will mainly stay to our north cutting off the flow of cold weather. {}{}{}{} Last year was a big year for violent weather in Oklahoma. Statewide...we had 102 tornadoes. That's the third most ever, and 49 more than we usually get. 90 of those twisters happened last May which matched the most ever for a single month. Will this year be a repeat?{}{}{}{}{} I'm forecasting 80 tornadoes, which is quite a bit more than our yearly average of 53. That's because I expect the active weather we've had so far this year to continue this spring. {}{}{}{}{} OKLAHOMA HAS THE MORE TORNADOES PER SQUARE MILE THAN ANY OTHER STATE. WHICH IS WHY NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO SIGN UP FOR WEATHERCALL. THAT WAY IF YOUR HOME IS IN THE PATH OF A TORNADO WARNING I WILL CALL YOU DAY OR NIGHT. JUST GO TO KTUL.COM TO SIGN UP.

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