My Time At The Fair

{}{}{}{} This year's Tulsa State Fair has come and gone, but not without my annual taste-test of the new and unusual foods. It seems the food gets more and more unusual every year. A couple of years ago it was the chocolate covered bacon. Last year it was the deep fried butter and doughnut burger.

{}{}{}{} This year? Where do I start? The most talked about food was the deep fried Kool-Aid. That was one of the first things I tried. Cherry flavored Kool-Aid powder is mixed with dough and deep fried. It tasted like a cherry doughnut.

{}{}{}{} Then there was bacon. It seemed like bacon was on everything! The chicken fried bacon was quite good. Basically it was battered and fried bacon strips. There was also the Hawg on a Log which was a bacon wrapped smoked hot dog on a stick. Also, Shark Bites were tasty. They were bacon wrapped cheese stuffed jalapenos. Fried of course! I also had a loaded hot dog with bacon and pineapple. Bacon, bacon, bacon....

{}{}{}{} One of my favorites was the Cajun fried pickles. If you like sliced, battered and fried pickles with a spice, then you would have liked these! I also had Australian battered potatoes which was sliced, battered and fried potatoes with lots of seasonings. Quite good and about 2 pounds worth! I also fancied the spicy sausage on the stick, battered and fried of course!

{}{}{}{} Another good new item was the fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Not bad if you are a PB&J fan.

{}{}{}{} For dessert, there was the cookie sunday which was homemade chocolate chip cookies under an ice cream sunday. There was also the red velvet funnel cake which basically tasted like a chocolate funnel cake. I preferred the original. I also visited the new cupcake stand which had very usually decorated cupcakes. Some looked like hot dogs and cheese-burgers. And finally in the dessert category was the doughnut holes on a stick. Quite good and quite a variety.

{}{}{}{} Something I wasn't crazy about was the deep fried cream cheese on a stick. You basically get a mouthful of cream cheese underneath the crust, but hey, if you really like cream cheese maybe this is for you.

{}{}{}{} Who knows what's in store for next year, but you can bet that I will be trying it. In the meantime, I'm going to hit the gym!!!!

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