Name Change At Fairgrounds Means No Horse Racing

If you enjoy live horse racing, you won't be able to do it in Tulsa anymore. The Tulsa Fair Board voted today, to rename the Expo Center and to stop racing at the Fair Meadows Track. It's a decision bringing much debate in the horse racing arena.

At the end of every hard race, there is a winner and a loser. At the Fair Meadows Track-- time has run out and the race is over for horse racing.

The Tulsa County Fair board voted to end a contract with Quiktrip, and to give the Muscogee Creek Nation, naming rights to the Expo. In exchange the fairgrounds will receive 1.4 million dollars a year. The agreement also calls for ending live racing at the track.

That had horse owners and enthusiasts upset saying it will cost them millions of dollars---because of a broken gaming compact. Others say it's a matter of livelihood, and economic development.

Now, the Creek Nation will make an offer as to what should happen with the old Driller stadium. The track will become another point of attraction for events and activities, but no one knows exactly what just yet.

"The opportunity we had to redevelope that land will provide for economic develop opportunities for the region of Tulsa. There are those opportunities that are going to be there for us to have a great economic engine right there along the Yale corridor," said County Commissioner John Smaligo.

The races may be over, but this could go on as he governor is expected to weigh in on whether or not the decision to end the races was handled correctly.