Narconon Facility Draws Protests

Some are here wanting to shut Narconon down...others want it made safer.

"We're a wreck."

Parent Robert Murphy.

"We paid the ultimate price that no parent should have to pay.

Stacy Murphy is the most recent death at Narconon. It's why this group is so vocal...even reaching out to those in treatment now.

"For your students...."

They're family, friends and activists united. some object to Narconon association with the church of scientology.

"They're trying to apply this crazy philosophy to drug rehab."

Other patients to die at Narconon were Hillary Holton in April and Gabriel Graves in October of 2011. Another patient was pronounced dead at the hospital. For each of them, Amazing Grace was played every hour for four hours in their remembrance .

"We are wondering why is this place allowed to operate."

National attention has brought more focus on Narconon and state lawmakers are inquiring, still for the families here, It's a road grieving parents hope others never have to travel with those they love who have addictions.

"I know you need help, I know you need help, just like my daughter needed help. but find a safe place, this place is not safe."