Narcotics Agents Bust Okmulgee Meth Distribution Ring

Narcotics investigators ended a 10-month methamphetamine investigation in Okmulgee Thursday morning resulting in the arrest of 21 individuals.

It happened at 6 a.m. Thursday when Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agents arrived in the town south of Tulsa armed with five search warrants and 21 arrest warrants for suspects accused of trafficking and distributing large quantities of methamphetamine.

An OBN spokesman said the investigation began back in 2012. The group of suspects allegedly "would import significant quantities of crystal methamphetamine or 'ICE' into the Okmulgee area to supply local dealers and users."

According to the release, this group of individuals would routinely import as much as 2 to 5 pounds of crystal meth, monthly. Those arrested Thursday morning were transported to the Okmulgee County Jail and will face a variety of charges, including aggravated trafficking and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance.

"Today, we inflicted a critical blow to the methamphetamine trade in the Okmulgee area with the arrest of these individuals. This group of outlaws distributed alarming amounts of this highly addictive drug and made enormous profits while peddling their illicit wares," an OBN official said.

The District 25 Drug Task Force, the Okmulgee Police Department, and the Henryetta Police Department were involved in the drug bust, according to the release.

Additional arrests are possible as the investigation continues.

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