Begin A Conversation About Bullying Today

Today is National Day of Unity. But it is also Bully Prevention Month.

If you start the conversation. Almost anyone. Adult or child. Can chime in with their own horror story of bullies or mean people.

And now thanks to Facebook, social media and cell phones, bullying isn't just at school. It's everywhere.

Schools say it's something they have to address. Earlier this month we stopped by Clinton Middle school---after an Oklahoma teenager committed suicide--and friends blamed bullying.

Schools have reporting programs in place. And at Clinton--they've started teaching lessons in kindness, trust and simply how to be nice.

It may seem hard to believe. But the experts say the constant put downs--and trash talking bullies are enough to make some children want to die.

"When one person does it to them it is not so bad, but when more people do it to them and it happens to them all day long everyday, yes," said Carole Axley, school counselor.

Most schools have protocol when it comes to bullying. Once it is reported, they have conferences to talk about it and solve it. If it continues to happen, the bully is suspended.