National Guard Soldiers Undergo Earthquake Training

The Arkansas National Guard hosted six different states' worth of soldiers and air men at Camp Gruber, Okla., for earthquake response training Wednesday.

"All your infrastructure, your power, all those things would go down. Plus, the numerous injuries you'd have," said Lieutenant Colonel John Altebaumer.

Camp Gruber hosted different simulations, using local residents as simulated victims. Soldiers underwent training for rescue and extraction, decontamination, and medical services. Simulations incorporated rubble and collapsed buildings.

"It definitely gets us trained. Ready for when it really happens," said Private Kyle Place.

Approximately 900 service members are participating in the training. The primary location is Camp Gruber, with other locations at Camp Robinson in Arkansas and other places in Washington County.

Training will continue the rest of this week, including overnight.

This all comes the same week Oklahoma has seen several small earthquakes, including one 30 miles northeast of Oklahoma City.