Native American Child Remains With Birth Father

Veronica Rose, photo courtesy ABC affiliate WCIV

The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that a native American girl will stay with her birth father.

The two year old was given up for adoption by her birth mother to Matt and Melanie Capobianco. She lived with them, as their daughter until December of 2011. That is when little Veronica was taken and given to her birth father in Oklahoma, Dusten Brown.

I was all because of the Indian Child Welfare Act--created to keep native American families together.

Brown supposedly signed away his rights, after Veronica's birth--and says he was tricked.

Some justices said the Capobianco family should have alerted the Cherokee Indian tribe regarding the adoption.

The Caobianco's were outspoken, and fought months, to get her back.{} They have already filed an appeal.{}