Neighborhood Reeling After Near Drowning

Summer fun is in full swing but no one in one Owasso neighborhood will forget what happened in their community pool a few days ago. Parents are on high alert after one little girl almost drowned.

Two year old Rosalie Goodwin was at the Lake Valley community pool with a parent nearby when she nearly drowned. "You're automatically sick over it, you're automatically hyper attentive, just really making sure you take the precautions," said one mom.

As little Rosalie tries to recover in a Tulsa hospital, her family publicly pleads for prayer. There's a Facebook page dedicated to it. Thousands have answered the call. There are posts of encouragement which are needed more than ever after a Friday morning update on Rosalie's condition. According to the page, " "This morning's update is very grim. The doctors feel that her brain is still continuing to swell and this is the reason for her decline. She is reaching a critical point."

Moms in Rosalie's neighborhood say they're sympathetic to what the toddler and her family are going through. "I can't imagine, I look at my daughter and I just can't imagine. You know her being in that situation," Erin Roscher told Tulsa's Channel 8. She says the neighborhood will continue to pray for the family and many of them have put pink ribbons on their mailboxes as a show of support.