Nearly 7,500 People Expected at Hard Rock's New Year's Celebration

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is ringing in 2014 with several new years' celebrations. Staff said the hotel is completely booked and about 7,500 people will likely visit the facility at some point on New Year's Eve."It's crowded. People are having a great time. Bands are playing, DJs are playing. People are eating, they're drinking. It's so much fun. Come on out," said Senior Manager of Marketing at Hard Rock, Roxane Jolley. She said there will likely be 7,500 people that visit Hard Rock on New Year's Eve.The celebrations began around 3 p.m. with a Lexus give-away.There are four stages for music that are available to the public all night long. There are also several private celebrations throughout the facility."We're partying," said Hard Rock patron Butch Glover. He attended a private gathering for those who support Hard Rock year round. It had a Mad Men era theme and included a meal, drinks, and dancing.Hard Rock will fire eight confetti cannons at midnight at the casino's entryway. Hard Rock said it can help patrons contact a taxi service or AAA to secure a safe ride home following the night's festivities.