One-Third of Tulsa Third Graders Score Unsatisfactory on Reading Test

Nearly one-third of Tulsa third graders are at risk of being held back for scoring unsatisfactory on state reading tests, according to numbers released today by the State Department of Education.

32.7 percent of Tulsa third-graders had unsatisfactory test scores, compared to the statewide average of 16 percent.

State Department of Education officials say students in the state's two largest districts, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, struggled.

"The scores reveal the extent of the considerable work that will be needed in these districts, but great strides are being made," state superintendent of public instruction Janet Barresi said.

"Teachers are committed to helping these students. There can be no option but to get these kids on track for literacy."

About 80 percent of third graders in the state are expected to be promoted to fourth grade based on the state's reading tests.

Statewide Score Breakdown

  • 2.2 percent scored "advanced"
  • 64 percent scored "proficient"
  • 14 percent scored "limited knowledge"
  • 16 percent scored "unsatisfactory"

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