Negotiate a Higher Salary in 2011

Do you want to make more money in 2011?{} Of course you do.{} But how do you negotiate a higher salary?{} And are employers even willing to negotiate?

A CareerBuilder survey found that 31% of employers are willing to negotiate salary increases with their current employees next year.{} But don't assume just by asking that you'll get that raise.{}

Before your boss can consider giving you a raise, give him or her a reason to do so. In the survey, employers gave these methods as the most effective:

  • Highlight your specific accomplishments and results.
  • Know the salary range you want and be able to justify it.
  • Show an understanding of what's important to the company.
  • Come prepared with your history of performance reviews.

Just in case you don't get that raise, have some other options in your back pocket. In lieu of raises, employers say they're willing to offer popular perks, including, more flexible hours, bonuses, training and vacation time.Here's a reason why bosses may be more willing to negotiate raises.{} The survey also found that 43% of employers are worried that their best workers may leave next year as the economy improves.

Click here for CareerBuilder survey.