Neighbor Sets Up Camera to Catch Stop Sign Runners

A resident of a Midtown neighborhood is out to catch drivers flying past stop signs... on camera, that is.

Tony Moody set up a web camera in his window to count the number of drivers speeding through the intersection at 13th and Fulton.

"I would say 60 percent of the cars go beyond the 'California Roll,'" said Moody. "They don't care, they just drive right through it."

Channel 8 checked out the intersection, where in a short experiment, it found the same number of cars rolled through the stop sign as those that fully stopped. Two cars, or half of the number that stopped, seemed to simply drive past the sign without a great deal of notice.

Moody said he has not contacted the city about the problem but would like to see speed bumps installed near the intersection, as he said there are many children and joggers in the neighborhood.

A representative for the city said no one has filed a complaint about the intersection in at least two years.

If you want to report a concern with an intersection, you may call Tulsa's Customer Care Center at (918) 596-2100.