Neighbors Rally To Fight Suspected Meth House

It's a gorgeous neighborhood, with something to behold around every turn, but lately it hasn't been the scenery catching attention.

"Everyone is just being more vocal about it and we want it stopped," said Beverly Golden, one of several area residents who showed up at city hall Tuesday afternoon to see what could be done about the happenings at the house on the corner.

"At the current time our investigation at 4115 S. Zunis is still in progress," said Captain Nick Hondros with the Tulsa police department.

Meth being the focus of that investigation. Police say they found a lab there in 2011. And late last month there was an early morning explosion at the home.

"I feel that something should be done to make him responsible for what's happening there," said Golden.

Him being the owner of the property who neighbors say doesn't live there and has seemingly turned a blind eye to what's going on.

"We have a system in place that holds property owners accountable," said Tulsa city councilor GT Bynum.

Which was the focus of Tuesday's meeting, to let neighbors know the process; that next week there's a nuisance hearing for the property and...

"And if further activity, further things are found to happen at that property ultimately the property can be demolished," said Bynum.

In the meantime, residents are watching that place like a hawk.

"They should continue to do what they are doing, be vigilant, be conscious of the neighborhood," said Hondros.

"When you step up and you help the police department protect your neighborhood, good things can happen," said Bynum