Neighbors Respond To Toddler Wandering Off

{}It was 10:30 at night and Angela Brown was in her kitchen when her neighbor thought the child she was holding was Angela's and had somehow wandered off.


"And she kind of stood there and she goes okay and says then where did this baby come from," says Brown.

Brown and the neighbor went door to door trying to find the parents.

"Everybody kept telling us we've never seen her, we've never seen her, says Brown.

{} Other than a soiled diaper the child appeared okay.

"You could tell she had that close bond with mom because when she was falling asleep she put her hand on my chest and said night, night mommy," says Brown.

When they couldn't find the parents, they called police 2 hours later.

"If a child is from around here we thought it would just be much easier to find the family, without having to go through this whole ordeal."

{} Police returned to a relatives home where there child wandered away. A resident appeared upset by all the attention as police tried to learn what happened..

Neighbor Wesley Taylor thinks about what could have happened to the toddler.

{} "A killer dog, or something stupid crazy or a car could have hit that child," says Taylor


{} Just as Angela comforted the child offers the same support to the mother who may feel criticism.

{} Keep your chin up honey. From looking at your daughter and caring for her and her attitude and demeanor you're a good mom.

{}We don't know when the child will be returned to her mother but Angela brown hopes that happens very soon.