Neighbors Sound Off On Noise Concerns

Residents in a neighborhood near 131st and 129th East Avenue are not happy to hear that nearby Holliday Sand and Gravel Company wants to increase production.Neighbors say it's hard to have conversations and even sit outside. They say it's not just the noise but the traffic trucks generate that's creating issues"Right now the noise is bad enough just during the day," resident Jose Arroyo said.The company is growing and so is the demand for sand used in construction projections. The company is currently working on the new Macy's Distribution site in Owasso, a project at Tulsa International Airport and highway work along US 169."We just need production hours," says Mike Harnden with Holliday Sand & Gravel Company."We're not wanting to start loading them earlier or load later. That stays as it is. We just need production hours."Holliday sent out 2,100 notices about increasing production hours from 12 hours a day to 20, five days a week with Saturday as a makeup day. Debbie Straabe and others are concerned not only about the additional noise from the increased production, but say it's an issue of safety."Just getting out of there during the daytime it's dangerous I believe," Straabe said.The company says it is already addressing noise complaints with improvements near its facility and is working to address any traffic issues."I've got my phone 24/7. Call me; tell me. Get me a truck number, get me a name on a truck," Harnden said.There's a meeting tomorrow at the SpiritBank Event Center and then on June 17th before the Tulsa County Board of Adjustment.