New Buzz For Route 66

It's still under construction, but soon, this new place will be where history lives.

"This is Ike's new home," said Len Wade.

Ike's Chili has been over on Admiral for nearly 50 years and was lured here to 11th street, in part, for the buzz surrounding the revitalization of Route 66.

"We felt it was a good move for Ike's for the next 100 years," he said.

Meanwhile, just down the street and just out of the gate...

"We've been open for about four weeks," said Mike Hollowell of Mike's Mantiques and Old Pink Truck, an eclectic collection of historic stuff on an historic street.

"We're excited about this part of 11th street right here because of everything that's going on with the Pearl District, Cherry street just down on the other side and then everything that's going on downtown," he said.

Choosing this location was easy they say, for a very simple reason.

"Well, we live right down the street here so we're in the neighborhood," he said.

Meanwhile, back at Ike's...

"This is the main dining room," said Wade.

Loyal patrons have been paying visits to stake out their territory.

"I've had customers already come in here, we've told them how the layout was gonna be, and they've already declared their spot," he said.

A bright looking future for a street with a long and cherished past.

"Glad to be in the old building, glad the old buildings have been saved and not torn down," said Hollowell.