New Cold Medicine Helps Battle Meth Making

When it comes to marketing, great tag lines are few and few between. There's Wendy's, "Where's the beef?" Verizon, "Can you hear me now?" And Nexafed. "Battle congestion. And meth abuse too."

"So we're gonna talk about Nexafed?" said pharmacist Chris Schiller.

Haven't heard about it yet? You will. The first cold medicine to make it tougher for meth cooks to cook meth. How?

"What it does is it adds certain ingredients to it that if it's wet with certain solvents that they'll use to make meth, it'll turn into a gummy like consistency where they can't use it like they typically would the regular Sudafed," he said.

"Truly these are steps in the right direction," said Roger's county sheriff Scott Walton, eager to see an industry response to a narcotic problem that consumes a massive amount of time and money.

"I applaud anybody's efforts to move to where this is not so easily to do," he said.

As to the bold marketing approach of a web site that asks, "Are you treating a cold or a criminal?"

"I think it taps into the public's perception that they can do something to make a difference in their community," said company spokesman Brad Rivet.

The product was launched just last month, and so far isn't on any local shelves, but could be soon.