New Development Near ONEOK Field

Five years ago, Will Wilkins had big plans for the vacant lot across from ONEOK field.

"You know, it was tough at the time," he said.

Tough, because his plans were met with roadblocks from the city, which kept the parking lot, a parking lot.

"We then moved that original development here to the Brady Arts District," he said.

The Fairfield Marriott, a new restaurant, and the about to open wine, beer, and dessert bar, Zin.

"We will feature 50 different bottles of wine by the glass and by the bottle," he said.

And one of those bottles will no doubt be used to celebrate the rebirth of his plans for that vacant lot, with a coming hotel, and more.

"We'll have about 27,000 square feet of office space to which a tenant has already spoken for, and we're going to have about 16,000 square feet of additional retail, restaurant, and bar space," he said.

In baseball terms you'd call it a rally, you'd call it the bottom of the ninth with a determination that wouldn't quit.

"Perseverance really comes in when you know you've got the right idea. When you know that this is the right thing to do and this is the thing to do for Tulsa," he said.