New Free Trolley Running Downtown

There is now a new way to get around downtown on Friday and Saturday nights. The Brady Arts District Business Association along with the Blue Dome and Deco District Businesses are providing a free trolley to get all around downtown. It's takes about 25 minutes to get around all 13 stops. There are even stops in from of the BOK and the Tulsa PAC. People are already getting on to see what this is all about.

"I think that this was needed and it's something that I have been wanting personally for a long time. We already come downtown. So, this is something that will allow us to come downtown more," says Robert Burke.
Burke says in the 25 minutes he was on the trolley he found several things he didn't know were there. Even though he works downtown.
"I have just found a few other places that I didn't know existed until just now when someone pointed them out," says Burke.
Organizers are hoping more people will see they are out here and get on board.
"Instead of doing a study like we are prone to do. We decided just to put them on the street and see what happens," Bob Fleischman, Brady Arts District Business Association.
Some riders are already planning on using this trolley several times.
"I think it's a great idea to link everything together. To have a way, a safe way, to get around this is the best way to do it," says Terry Kellman.
There is one trolley from Old Urban Trolley that will run from 5 P.M. Till 2 A.M. Every Friday and Saturday night throughout the rest of the year.