New Home Buyers Can Save BIg On Future Bills

Whenyou look into the future, there's one thing that's certain.

Thecost of heating and cooling our homes, isn't going to get any cheaper.

Butthere is one option, that can help the new home buyer.

PSOis working with builders, to construct homes that are veryefficient.

It'scalled the High Performance Home Program, and the PSO employee whomanages it, is a real believer.

She'sbuying one of those homes.

LisaPuyear is working with a builder who uses PSO incentives to build tight, energy-efficient homes.

Whileher home will cost about 5% more up front, there will be huge energysaving over the life of the house.

Forstarters she expects a electric bill that's about $100 a month.

That'sonly about half what most of her neighbors will be paying.

Herhome includes a lot of extras, such as Energy Star windows and ahighly-efficient heating and cooling unit.

Herentire attic is also sealed off and insulated, so that system isn'tsitting in a hot or cold space.

She'salso used a special coating on all her duct work, so there will neverbe any air leaks.

Shesays standard duct tape works for about 5-years, but over time itlosses it's usefulness.

Anotherkey issue is the basic insulation and caulking of the house.

Shesays making sure that's done properly, is a key issue.

Allthe insulation in the world can be a waste, if it's not properlyinstalled.

Inthe end proper, care and planning during construction can save a lotof money in the future.