New Home Construction Program for Cherokee Nation is Helping Families

It's been a year since the Cherokee Nation started a program that provides homes for families in need.

The new home construction program has seen more than 1,400 Cherokee citizens apply. The Wright family applied on the first day possible because their home burnt down last February. Tommy Wright says the home is giving his family a fresh start.

"Me and the girls had just gotten home. About five minutes after we got to the house and got our things put down in place, it caught on fire and I think we were able to get a hard drive out and a few pictures," says Wright.

The program has put 40 families in new homes this year. Ten more are almost ready. 25 homes are in the beginning stages of being built and 80 more are in the planning stage. Each home gives about 22 people a job. The best part is the mortgage price tag that comes with them.

"$350 a month including insurance. They can't rent a hole-in-the-wall for what they can fully pay for these homes," says Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker.

That rate is for a 30-year term and applies to the three or four bedroom homes. In the first month of this program, more than 900 Cherokee citizens applied so the housing authority knows there is a need.

"For a mother to come home from work and see the lights on and bikes in the yard, I know we are doing the right thing," says Baker.