New Hotel Announced to Attract Visitors and Economic Boost

Tulsa will add a new Hilton Garden Inn to the list of new developments designed to attract tourism and sales tax dollars.

The new hotel will go in at 2nd and Cheyenne, incorporating an older building that was once used for storage.

There will be meeting spaces and 134 hotel rooms. The seven story project will be located right across the street from the BOK Arena.

That will make it more valuable, as convention planners consider downtown Tulsa in the future.

"From an economic standpoint, it creates new jobs. It creates opportunity for more events we can book downtown. We have had several events where we have sold the downtown market out and then the visitor has to leave the downtown area, and then they are several miles from downtown market," said Ray Hoyt, of the Metro Tulsa Chamber.

The plan is to break ground on the new development, in about a year, with the hotel opening sometime in 2016.