New Law Protects Victims Of Domestic Violence

A new law takes effect statewide in November protecting the victims of domestic violence.

However, Sheriff Stanley Glanz thinks it's so important, he's putting those rules into play right now locally.

Additionally, all deputies (including reserves) will be receiving mandatory training on

H.B. 2526 throughout the month of July.

The new law requires the following from deputies:

1. "Upon the preliminary investigation of a domestic violence crime involving intimate

partner violence, the first peace officer to interview victims shall assess the potential for

danger by asking a series of questions provided on a lethality assessment form."

2. Based upon the results of the lethality assessment, referrals to shelters, domestic violence

intervention programs, and other social services shall be provided to the victim"

Shannon Clark with the Sheriff's Office told Channel 8, "The victims don't really know where to get help, where they can get aid, who to call. And they're left in those environments, and they don't have anyway of getting out. What this bill is to help us perpetuate our ability to help them find a way out. And give them the resources they need to find a better life for themselves."

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