New Life At Riverwalk in Jenks

For the first time in months, the Riverwalk in Jenks is abuzz with a new business opening up. Friday night, Pinot's Palette opened their second location in the metro to a packed crowd.

"This is our 14th year anniversary, so we wanted to come down here and see what all this was about," Pinot's Palette attendee, Bill Abbott says.

The Abbott's say they have never been on a date like this before.

"Never. I am a more go to the racetrack on Friday night kind of deal. So, I am way out of my element here," Abbott says.

Within the very first few minutes, Bill was ready to go and doing a good job following the directions. They do have an artist on stage telling you what to do during the entire painting session. Bill does say this location is better for them.

"Much better for us. It's a lot closer to us and being right here on the river, you just can't ask for more than that," says Abbott.

Drawing in additional people was the goal for this location because the Cherry Street location is always booked. But the owner did take a risk coming to the Riverwalk with little else around.

"I did take a huge risk, but I felt like it was the right time and right place to go," says Pinot's Palette Owner, Lisa Riley.

Riley says she didn't just sign on the dotted line.

"I definitely did research--a lot of research--before I signed and wanted to know their plan and goal for the Riverwalk and how they wanted to turn it around so we jumped on board," says Riley.

Riley says she wants quality businesses to move in and hopes with her opening their doors more people will take notice and move their businesses here.

The Riverwalk was bought a year ago by the Muskogee Creek Nation and Pinot's Palette is the first big chain that has come to the property.