Typos Found on New Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument

(Courtesy of KOCO)

The Oklahoma lawmaker who paid for a new Ten Commandments monument at the state Capitol says two misspellings carved into granite will be fixed this weekend.

The creators of the 6-foot tall monument misspelled Sabbath as "Sabbeth" and maidservant as "maidseruant."

State Rep. Mike Ritze, whose family paid around $10,000 for the monument's construction, said Friday that the company who made it has accepted full responsibility for the typos and will fix them this weekend.

The Tulsa company will be out to fix the monument tomorrow.

"The monument company that we hired has a scanner. And they actually went to the Texas state capitol where their monument was used as our template. And their scanner could not scan in Old English well. So we didn't catch it until yesterday. They said it's a simple fix."

The Republican-controlled Legislature authorized the privately funded monument in 2009, and former Democratic Gov. Brad Henry signed the bill into law.

The display has drawn sharp criticism from some legal experts who question the constitutionality of the display.