New Push to Clean Up Tulsa

They are the properties that easily catch your eye, the overgrown, the out of place; and for Tulsa city councilor Jeannie Cue, they are the properties that grab her ear.

"50% of my complaints I get are code enforcement issues," she said.

To help tackle the problem, since relying on the city alone can take several weeks, there's a new push for community service.

"I'm the president of the STAR coalition, which is going to be all of Southwest Tulsa," said Linda Fitzgerald.

Members of the Southwest Tulsa Area Revitalization initiative met Sunday afternoon.

"If there's a problem with a house, we need to find out what is. Is there really a problem? We got someone lazy in that house or there's an issue. Maybe with a senior, somebody that's ill or whatever, those we can take care of as the community," said Fitzgerald.

And on the city side, Councilor Cue is hoping to add transparency to code enforcement, so folks at home can see the progress of properties on the city's website.

"Then I can look at the status, and if you go to report this then you will know, oh that's been reported," she said.

A renewed effort to get Tulsa shining again, by enlisting your participation.

"Get out of those recliners, come help us it's your community, your home," said Fitzgerald.

A public meeting will be held on the issue Monday night at 6PM at Zarrow library on West 51st Street.

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