New Ranking Slaps Tulsa With Derogatory "Redneck" Title

The word redneck has become more popular. But it does have a stereotype that you may not like very much

Now one company has called Tulsa the fifth most redneck city based on 8 different criteria.

To suggest that Tulsa is country or backwoods in any way is insulting to a lot of people. After all, we do have a city hall, in a high rise glass building.

Tulsa's top firefighters stopped explain that the new ranking is humorous at best. But the Chamber of Commerce would not comment.

Tulsa's not a redneck city, almost everyone we spoke to downtown agreed. The ranking based findings on graduation and drop out rates. But Tulsa Public Schools has a 93-percent graduation rate.

The company also considered the number of gun toting citizens, using the number of gun and ammunition stores.And cowboy boot stores were another criteria. But even to out of towners, we are not what the ranking said we were.

"Pick-up trucks with pulling trailers and maybe not so nice stickers on the back windows, that type of things," Sheila Gardener explained what she has seen in her home state of Kansas.