New School Board Member Takes on Job With 36 Failing Schools

Tulsa Public Schools will move forward with a newly elected school board member.

Suzanne Schreiber was elected with only a fraction of registered voters, to represent school district 7, which includes Memorial High School, and schools ranging from "F's" to "A+".

978 voters showed up to vote in Schreiber's election. Three-percent of that district's registered voters made that decision.

Schreiber told us today that she supports putting effective teachers and leaders in schools. But when it comes to dealing with failing grades, third graders reading and funding, she will rely on district training. She said she did some research during her campaign.

Her district has four failing schools and she will make decisions that effect all students--that's her job.

"Next week I will get to work and roll up my sleeves. And take all the voices and things that I've learned and all the new things I will learn through my training and bring that to the district and start working for quality education for all of our kids," she said.Schreiber, a homeroom and PTA mom and trained attorney says that improvement is everyone's responsibility.