New Sports Complex Means Economic Win For Tulsa

City leaders now have something to show for tax money you spent with Vision 2025. Today Tulsa Parks Mohawk Soccer Complex opens to the public. The complex is located on the north end of Mohawk Park, at 56th street north and Highway 75.

This is a goal met for the city as far as completing a job that is meant to stimulate the economy of north Tulsa.

Soccer has become such a popular sport, worldwide, and here in Tulsa. Locally, there are not enough places to play or practice.

But now complex presents 17 fields for practice and play. Now the hope is the teams and the fans will show up with money.

This is part of 3000 acres of family fun when you count the Tulsa Zoo, Oxley Nature Center and the Skate North park.

The hope is to invigorate the area around the complex with more traffic, which could result in more businesses.

The Tulsa Sports Commission will managed 10 lit soccer fields for games. and the 7 others for practice.The city says this will help Tulsa compete with other cities, in attracting games and tourism dollars. Tulsa could soon see teams playing here from around the country and even the world. The ten million dollar investment is expected to score a huge payoff.

"Just for the whole city of Tulsa, it's just going to bring in revenue for sales tax dollars, so hotels, restaurants, airports. It's going to mean a lot of revenue for a lot of different people," said Bob Hendrick of Tulsa Parks.

The park has been complete since last fall. The grass needed months to grow in and prepare for tournaments, which get started there in the next few weeks