Why is There a Hidden Chip in Your New Tulsa Trash Can?

When the city purchased new trash and recycling bins, each one came with a unique component. It is called a Radio Frequency Identity tag.

You may not have seen it, located underneath a black plastic cap, on the hinge of the lid.

In some cities, the RFID chip can weigh recycled goods, and citizens are penalized for not recycling, or they may be rewarded recycling dollars for going green. Tulsa officials say that's not the purpose of the tags in your cart.

The RFID tag is there to track when your cart is emptied. A reader inside each truck reads the your chip.

Tulsa reportedly has a system that will help if your carts are blown down the street. They can be traced back to you. And they will confirm if your trash hasn't been picked up and when.

"They can check and see if that truck has tipped your container. If not they will have that, or they can say what time did you put your trash out. If they say they put it out at 8. They can say well, it shows here truck went by at 7:30," City Councilor David Patrick explained.

If you're tempted to tamper with the RFID, remember it is city property, if you damage it.

The new reporting system will start in February, once the installations are complete.