New Trash Program Begins

After 30 years, the city of Tulsa changed it's trash system. Today was the first official day using new trucks, new carts and a new company to handle it all.

Gone are the days of simply leaving your trash on the curb expecting it to be picked up.

We found one homeowner that left their trash sitting with no sticker. The trash workers left a note, instead of taking the garbage.

As refuse workers at New Solutions, the new contractor, began the first official day of our new trash service, there is a new understanding of what they will pick up and what they will not.

There is a gray cart for trash and a blue one for recyclables. If you put debris in with your recycled goods, don't expect them to take it.

"The hauler won't take it," said Liz Hunt, who has transitioned the new system into existence.

You're welcome to leave your limbs in a 2 by 4 bunch. But they need to have a green waste sticker on them.

"Any material that does not fit inside your refuse cart, whether that be trash or yard waste, such as limbs sticks green matter such as lawn clippings, they will be required to have an extra refuse sticker for 50-cents or a green waste sticker for 50-cents," explained Hunt.

Free stickers came in your mailbox.

As for your carts, you'll see one truck picking up trash, others for recycled goods and green waste.

"If you happen to come home over lunch and you notice that your refuse cart has been serviced but not your yet recycling or green waste has not been picked up yet, just hold tight, the hauler has until 8pm to collect that material," said Hunt.

The goal is to become more efficient. Now the city wants your paper, your plastic, your glass, tin, metal or aluminum. Just throw it in there.

"We have received so much positive feedback from people who have never recycled before because of the ease and convenience, single stream meaning no sorting," she said.

Now your only worry is getting your trash on the curb, correctly.

If you need extra stickers you can pick them up at Quiktrip.