New Tulsa Bow Tie Company Is A Fashion Hit.

When it comes to fashion, Tulsa may not be Paris or Milan.

But when it comes to bow ties, this city is on the cutting edge.

A young Tulsa company, called Two Guys Bow Ties, is getting global attention for their designs.

They're making ties out of wood and they're a big hit with the fashion world.

So far they've shipped to at least 20 countries.

Time Paslay and Adam Teague are friends who like to tinker with things.

So in the past they'd done various projects with wood, metal and even plastic.

While they were messing around some wood one day, the tie idea was born.

They'll tell you that making bow ties, turned out to be more difficult than they'd expected.

They started with oak and maple and went on to more exotic species like zebra wood.

They say the material comes in fairly rough, but sanding polishing and oiling transforms the look of the wood.

At first they tried different ideas for making the ties, but in the end the two shapes they use were easy to identify.

The wood is cut into blocks, that carry the basic outline of the ties.

Then they're sliced thin and finished.

Later the cloth centers and laser designs are added.

The young partners say it's exciting to be part of a business that people are calling because it's a unique idea.

The ties run from $45 to $75.

Right now, they have 7 part-time employees and they hope to expand in the future.

They're already looking at adding products like wood cufflinks and other items.