New Years Resolution: Expert Says Kicking Smoking Habit is Realistic Goal

One local smoking cessation expert says despite pessimism surrounding New Years Resolutions, quitting smoking is a highly attainable goal.

Richard Nongard uses hypnotism to help his clients quit smoking.

"For a lot of people, it's a signal that a new time has begun. It's a time where there are resources available to them," said Nongard.

He said he receives a large number of calls from prospective clients between Christmas and the middle of January. He said if quitting smoking is your goal in 2013, it is important to tell someone.

"Try to find somebody to be accountable to. One of the reasons why hypnosis is successful is because they're accountable to me," said Nongard. The next step is to rid yourself of your cigarettes and other equipment.

He said he sees a more than 80 percent success rate from clients that stick to his guidelines.

Nongard said hypnotism is about promoting awareness. He said Hollywood's perception of hypnotism is not accurate.

"It's a state where I teach someone to take physical control over the anxieties they may experience. A lot of people have a lot of anxieties, a lot of fear," said Nongard.

Channel 8 spoke with a smoker at a bar across the street from Nongard's office. He said he has tried to quit a couple of different times. He also said he has never had success with New Years Resolutions.

If you'd like more information about quitting smoking, here is some resource information:

Richard Nongard runs Quit Success online. You may also call the Tulsa Hypnosis Center for more information at (918) 236-6116.

The Oklahoma Tobacco Hotline phone number is 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

You may also visit the Tulsa Health Department's Smoking Cessation page.