Nine Arrested in Hard Rock Casino Drug Bust

John Cooper

Nine people were arrested following a crystal meth bust at the Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa.

According to multiple booking reports, on March 26 several people were arrested while attempting to purchase crystal meth at a Hard Rock Casino hotel room.

Raven Holmes, 31, was found inside a hotel room smoking crystal meth, which set of an alarm, alerting security. Hotel security noticed the door was ajar and open it to see Holmes smoking meth.

According to the report, a black lock box contained approximately 1.2 pounds of crystal meth, scales and baggies containing meth for distribution.

Holmes told investigators that she had received the meth from a Hispanic male named "Primo." According to the report, "Primo" fronts the meth and she sells it to repay him.

Holmes was at the location expecting several people to purchase meth from her in order to repay her debt. Holmes told investigators that she has dealt and sold several pounds of methamphetamine at various hotels in the Tulsa area.

John Hunter, Gene Miller, Shelly Boothe, Carl Fogleman, Ayla Jones, Charles Yahola and John Cooper were arrested in connection to the meth bust.

Anticipated charges include endeavoring to traffic methamphetamine, endeavoring/conspiracy to possess or distribute methamphetamine and possession of a controlled and dangerous substance.

Holmes was arrested on the complaint of aggravated drug trafficking.

According to the report, Holmes told investigators that "Primo" is a member of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel of Mexico.