Nine Bartlesville Employees Accused of Embezzlement

      From top: Jeffrey Crawford, Matthew Hobson, Robert Gage, Corey Doggett From bottom: Jackie Plisek, Jimmie Beel, Shawn Collins, David Bridges, Lee Axsom

      Nine city employees in Bartlesville are facing embezzlement charges this week for reportedly stealing materials and selling them.

      City Attorney Jerry Maddux told KTUL that the investigation began after a Bartlesville resident reportedly notified officials. He added that Bartlesville Police entered the investigation following the tip.

      Maddux said that all nine are accused of taking old water meters and selling brass and copper from them for scrap. He said that the investigation has now been turned over to the Washington County District Attorney's office.

      Those employees accused are:

      Lee Edward Axsom

      David Edward Bridges

      Jeffrey Allen Crawford

      Jackie Leon Plisek

      Robert Stephen Gage

      Shawn Michael Collins

      Jimmie Frank Beel

      Corey Shane Doggett

      Matthew Allen Hobson

      According to a report from the Associated Press, city officials began looking into the matter after City Manager Ed Gordon received a complaint that employees were salvaging city-owned metal while on the clock.

      Those accused of embezzlement reportedly took metal from old water meters that were being replaced. The city started replacing the meters last year.

      Maddux told KTUL that the City of Bartlesville expects to proceed with its own action against the employee in the near future.