Nine Junior High Students Treated for Taking Prescription Drug

Nine junior high students are recovering after taking a prescription drug at school.

It happened Tuesday at Hale Junior High, where two students passed out the pills. Tulsa School District Public Information Officer, Chris Payne, says two 14 year-old boys gave the pills to the other students.

The school district believes the pill was Abilify, a drug used to treat Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

"I think prescription drugs are becoming an increasing issue," says Payne.

Payne says Tulsa Schools is not the only district that has to deal with this type of thing. In fact, mental health professionals say they are seeing this happen, and not just with this drug.

"A lot of times they have no idea what they are taking or using," says Executive Director Mental Health Association, Mike Brose, "For these kids to sort of take it trying to get some kind of a high is scary."

In this case at Hale Junior High, two students that were given the pills brought them forward to the school's principal. All nine students were monitored at the school by EMSA and were able to leave with their parents.

Brose says that this case could have gotten way worse, and parents have to pay attention to their medicine cabinet.

"Any parent or guardian who believes that their child would never get into their medicine cabinet is being naive," says Brose, "They need to be in a locked secured medicine cabinet or they need to be in some sort of a drawer that's locked and secure."

The students involved will be punished. The district says the two passing out the drugs will likely be suspended for the rest of the school year.