No Cost College Courses Prove Successful

High school seniors will graduate soon and many of them will attend Tulsa Community College. The idea of free college courses seems to be catching on with the program, Tulsa Achieves.

The program assists students in attending school, free of charge to families. Tulsa Achieves is now finishing it's fifth year of enrollment. Today the college celebrated with a luncheon to discuss progress and direction.

Tulsa Achieves has now served nearly 10-thousand students, over the last five years.The program allows students to enroll and take 63 credit hours, at no cost. Students are required to do some community service which has resulted in 236-thousand volunteer hours.

The program has been successful in that more than 50-percent of students are retained from year to year and that is higher than the national average

City and state leaders feel that a more educated society will mean more jobs and a better economy. The students believe Tulsa Achieves is a life saver, paying for their college, which means about 6300 hundred dollars in value.

"If i was to pay for my college here, I dont' think I could afford it. I have no help from my parents, no help from from ASA because my parents make too much money but they aren't going to help me so it is a lifesaver to have that extra aid for me," said Melia Pitts, a student studying art.

Tulsa Achieves is open to students who earn a C average or better in high school. They must reside in Tulsa county and make application, by April 30