No Dogs Allowed at Cherry Street Farmers Market

For more than a decade residents have enjoyed the "Cherry Street Farmers Market" with their dogs. But a recent incident where a dog attacked and bit a woman, has forced board members to make a change.

Board members with the Cherry Street Farmers Market said it was a tough decision to change their dog policy, but it's been an issue for a long time and something had to be done.

"It's really unfortunate. I think it's really going to take away from it to not have dogs there," said Lisa Fuller who is a dog owner.

The board adopted the new policy last Saturday. Scott Swearingen who is the president of the board said it was a difficult decision to make because dogs have been part of the market for nearly 17 years.

"It's just too many people, too many dogs in too close of space," Swearingen said.

After several complaints and a serious attack that happened on opening day, the board felt it was time to take action.

"Two weeks ago a woman was bitten and that just really got our attention on something that had been becoming a bigger and bigger issue," Swearingen said.

After the dog bit the woman in the abdomen, the owner and his pet walked away and haven't been found. In addition to safety issues there are also health concerns. Board members said the Department of Health suggest banning dogs in any area where there's food sampling going on.

"Dogs are up on our table where are bread is and the will squish the bread and puncture the bags so we lose that. I've had dogs actually bite it and drag it off," said Rick Miller who is a board member and a vendor.

"I think it's your responsibility to make sure that you keep them away from the food or away from kids if you think your dog isn't well behaved," Fuller said.

The board has heard both negative and positive feedback on this new policy. Some people expressing their anger while others are glad they'll be able to shop without having dogs nearby.