North Tulsa Grocery Store Uncertain of Future

When Gateway opened a few years ago the response of the community was 'At long last,' today, the owner is questioning how much longer it will last.

"With the support that we're getting right now, we're not going to make it, we're struggling right now," said Antonio Perez.

At the grand opening in 2010, the store was buzzing, eventually business peaked at about 900 transactions a day. That number now?

"About, I would say the 600's, low, it's a big, it's a big difference," he said.

"I don't understand because I usually come in here when I come through town," said one customer.

Perez says the expectations of customers may have been a factor in the drop off.

"There's no way you can compare me to the big chains, I'm an independent," he said.

This afternoon, echoes of the past replayed.

"I know I'll be trading here a lot cause it's the only grocery store on this side of town," said Brenda Claxton.

"Oh it meant a lot, it meant I didn't have to drive as far to go to the grocery store," said Louise Jackson.

What would the loss of Gateway do to the community? Perez hopes that question never has to be answered.

"The main thing here is we want to stay there, we don't want to close our doors, that's for sure," he said.