North Tulsa Gym Is Flipping Kids' Futures

A new gym in North Tulsa is giving the community there an opportunity to flip their futures.

The Aim High facility opened today in the 4700 block of Charles Page Boulevard.

The gymnastics classes are for kids three years old up to teenagers.

The program's founder says she was working with teenagers and looking for a way to help.

"By that time in life, there are already so many destructive patterns of behavior they're in," says Jennifer Patterson, executive director and founder. "Many of the boys had police records and many of the girls had made poor decisions, and I just started thinking, 'what could I do to intervene in their lives earlier?' Well, I was a gymnastics coach, so God kind of showed me how to combine my two passions - the passion for the people of North Tulsa and the passion for gymnastics - and start Aim High Academy."

They offer tutoring as well.

If you would like to help, click the link to their website.