North Tulsa Store's Entrance Destroyed by Attempted Burglary

One Tulsa business owner is facing some unexpected remodeling costs Wednesday morning after a failed burglary left his storefront destroyed.

It happened around 2:15 a.m. when Tulsa Police were called to investigate an alarm at the Wolf Point convenience store on 11015 E. Pine St.

TPD officer Jillian Roberson told that once at the scene police observed that a truck had driven through the front of the business.

Upon further investigation at the scene, officers viewed security camera footage, which showed a GMC truck backed up and smash into the store through the front entrance.

An individual then got out of the truck and attempted to hook an ATM machine onto the back. The individual then left the scene in the truck after he wasn't able to remove the machine.

Roberson also told that just over an hour later, TPD officers were called to assist Tulsa Fire at the scene of a vehicle on fire on East Newton Street.

Once at the scene officers were able to determine that the abandoned truck on fire was the one involved in the attempted burglary at the north Tulsa convenience store.

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