Nowata Latest Venue For Baby Veronica Hearing

Dusten Brown and Matt and Melanie Capobianco had their issues presented before a judge here. The hearing was held in secrecy. The South Carolina couple who adopted 3 year old Veronica Brown exited the courthouse in the back. Veronica's father Dusten Brown left earlier. There was no indication of the outcome because court records are sealed and a gag order remains in effect."And there's a gag order for a reason. The C's did not listen to the gag order. They were on Dr. Phil. It was crazy," says Joan Candy-Fire a Nowata resident. The "C's" are the Capobianco's who legally adopted Veronica. This case is bringing up many issues surrounding adoption and even foster care for this woman who says a child's cultural heritage is important. "We were richly loved by our people. We found our family when were were old enough and we had strong good people in our family and our tribe and that's why we're always behind Indian Child Welfare," The Capobianco's have been in Oklahoma since earlier this month hoping to take their legally adopted daughter back to South Carolina. Three law enforcement officials from South Carolina where in Nowata today where Veronica's biological father still has a warrant out for Dusten Brown in South Carolina for failing to turn Veronica over to the Capobianco's who legally adopted her.There was no sign of the three year old at the center of custody battle.I tried to find out if there was even a paper trail of what might have happened in this courtroom. I've been repeatedly told that a gag order remains in place.