O.S.B.I. Investigating Glenpool Murder Outside Walmart

There does not appear to be any visible signs remaining, but for residents in this mobile home park...

"It was scary kinda to me it was."

A man was pronounced dead outside.

"I thought I heard someone knock so I come up here and opened the door and there was a bunch of cop cars out here and I was like okay mom."

Neighbors Jean Ann and her mother Mary Ann.

"People do stupid things now days."

From bits of information, they would learn that an argument set the crime in motion. Police say 32-year-old Mark Coble had been in an argument at a Walmart. A gun was produced and Coble was shot and driven to a friend's home.

"She was trying to give him CPR and kept screaming that he's dead, he's dead, he's dead so."

It was so unexpected in a neighborhood that appears otherwise quiet.

"You probably never saw anything like that before. "Not close to home, no, not close to home, and it was close to home."