Odd Behavior Prior to Bomb Threat

It could have been a disaster. A man who said he had an explosive device, dropping it off at a propane distributor.

"All businesses and residences adjacent to highway 62 in that quadrant were evacuated for logistical and safety reasons," said Tahlequah police chief Nate King.

Those reasons staring everyone in the face as office workers headed warnings to get out.

"If the propane tanks blew up, that could cause a lot of damage," said Tammy Miller, who works next door to Amerigas.

Shortly before the incident unfolded, the man apparently stopped at a convenience store down the road, where employees took note of his odd behavior.

"He tried to sell his gun for $20 to one of my co-workers," said Elec Smith.

He also, they say, asked to use the phone to call Fort Gibson, but was unable to. It was then that he walked to Amerigas, dropped the backpack, and told them it was a bomb.

"Officers responded, identified what they believed to be an explosive device, evacuated the building, backed out and called for reinforcements," said King.

The OHP Bomb Squad would eventually take charge of the device and the other items in the backpack.

"Several other explosive components, a handgun and several rounds of ammunition," said King.

A thankfully safe outcome to frightening and weird event.

"Extremely weird really, but then again we're asking to put logic into a crazy mind in which case, good luck with that one," said Smith.