ODOT Planning for Future with Community Meetings

ODOT is responsible for maintaining over 12,000 miles of roadway in Oklahoma, and they're hoping to get input on what you want them to focus on for the next 25 years.

"Thank you for coming to the city of Muskogee Civic Center," said an ODOT official.

Poster boards lined the room, highlighting various topics, such as bridge repairs which have been a major priority of the past decade.

"We've made incredible progress reducing the number of structurally deficient bridges on the highway system, cutting that by over half since 10 years ago," said ODOT official Cody Boyd.

As for what folks are looking for in the future?

"I know what I want," said Jennifer Humphries of Coweta.

She wants to make sure Highways 72 and 51 are well maintained. She'd also like a frontage road to help spur growth in Coweta, and

And of course, you know, we would love to have a new exit very near the armed forces reserve center there in Broken Arrow, because that would provide great access for them and also more awareness for the city of Coweta," she said.

Also there, David Garner, the street superintendent of Muskogee. What's on his wish list?

"Uh, probably the biggest thing is maybe help some of the businesses along 69 highway and stuff, with the median and stuff, maybe where they can cross the medians," he said.

And finally, one of the few people not there in an official capacity, Joy Walker.

"I was hoping there'd be quite a few people here and there would be a lot of interesting discussion going on," she said.

But sadly, there were more empty seats than filled ones. Which, come to think of it, could work in Joy's favor.

Maybe since there aren't that many people here you can get your very own exit named after you. The Joy exit. "That would be good," she laughed.